Mining Equipment Finance

Mining Equipment Finance

Established for over 40 years at Business Finance and Leasing we understand that every business – and every mining equipment purchase is unique. That is why one of our team will meet with you to find out your requirements now and in the future.

We work to understand your business and then based on our expertise determine  which financier is suited to provide the finance  based on your business and the type of mining equipment you are purchasing, estimated hours of usage  and the contract term (if applicable).

We will also discuss our wide range of finance options that includes  Specific Security Agreement (formerly Chattel Mortgage), Hire purchase, Rental, Operating  and Finance leases.

Why Choose us?

Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients by providing them with  expertise and access to a wide range of  Finance Products and options.

We are able to offer:

  • A Personalised service. We are available to discuss any aspect of your business (in person at a worksite or over the phone). We have helped many clients over the years to grow their business by taking the time to get to know them and providing ongoing finance solutions that help their business grow;
  • We also work with our clients on correctly structuring Mining Equipment Finance transactions that are suited specifically to their requirements;
  • We can even help with cash flows (if required) so you can get on with your work whilst we deal with the application and liaising with the most appropriate financer.
  • The key advantage in using us is that we  have additional options compared to what one financier can provide. We have access to a wide range of Financiers including the core financiers (the Major Bank’s) and a number of boutique lenders who specialise in the financing of Mining Equipment assets. Including options  that include where their is not a need to own the equipment (such as equipment required for a specific time under a fixed contract).

You can have trust in us because we are also proud to be a member of the Commercial Asset Finance Brokers Association  “CAFBA”. CAFBA is the peak professional body of the Commercial and Equipment Finance Industry and membership ensures our client’s that we have the knowledge and expertise to assist with finance requirements plus ensure that we are adhering to ongoing education requirements.

Our success is firmly built on personalised service and a reputation for providing clients with individually tailored financial packages.

Whether you have one piece of mining  equipment  or several  please contact us to see how we can help you.