Car Finance

car finance

If you looking to buy (and we can help in this regard) and then finance your business vehicle or a fleet of vehicles make sure you talk to our Car Finance Brisbane team first!

How we make the process of buying and financing a car easier?

We have access to a car buying service where we can obtain competitive pricing on the purchase of a new car. In the past you may have contacted or visited a car dealer and received a quote. Then contacted another dealer to see if you could do better. In some cases you still don’t know if you are receiving a good price on the purchase and if applicable the trade in.

The good news is that there is no charge for the use of the car buying service that provides unbiased advice and has access to a comprehensive dealer network.

If you are in the process of buying a new car it is as easy as providing us with the vehicle details being the make, model, fuel type (petrol or diesel), transmission type (auto of manual), your colour preference and details of any accessories together with details of your trade in (if applicable).

We will forward your details to the Car Buying service who will make contact with you to discuss. Even if you have a quote from a dealer make sure you check with us.

If you agree to go ahead we will organise the finance for you as well. We have access to simplified  lo doc finance options and will discuss our wide range of finance options that includes  Specific Security Agreement (formerly Chattel Mortgage), Hire purchase, Rental, Operating  and Finance leases.

We also offer Novated leasing, a flexible and portable way for employees to finance a vehicle for business or personal use, might be the right solution for you.

Our success is firmly built on personalised service and a reputation for providing clients with individually tailored financial packages.

Of course all applications for car finance are subject to credit approval requirements being met.

Please contact your contact us to see how we can help you.